.We believe that good architecture focuses on the small details, working and knowing that each and every project will be carefully planned and executed

.There is no project that cannot be solved through different creative thinking, the main thing that guides us is thinking outside the box

.The office is managed by architect Eyal Sendrowitz, a graduate Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design 

.The firm has a large area of expertise in residential ,offices and commercial buildings 




סנדרוביץ אדריכלים

טרומפלדור 24 , רמת השרון 4726424

טל' : 03-5408072

פקס : 03-5494690


Our office

Sendrowitz Architects

24Trumpeldor st. Ramat Hasharon

Tel : 03-5408072

fax : 03-5494690